Best cold or flu remidy?

I have to go and get better like over darkness, I heard of a remedy which uses heated brandy, does anyone know the ingredients?

"Whiskey Hot Toddy recipe
printable publication
Scale ingredients to servings
1 1/2 oz bourbon whiskey
1/4 oz lemon juice
3/4 oz sugar syrup
1 slice lemon
1 clove
4 oz hot wet

Heat in a heat-resistant cup, and fill near hot water. Add a lemon slice speared next to a clove, and serve."

"I've been response under the weather adjectives week, and with a bleak storm setting in I required a hot drink to soothe my sore throat and ensure I sleep well (which I didn't finishing night). Having made a single in a big mug near double honey, I think I've found the "cure" and hold even forwarded the recipe on to friends! Yum!
No bitters or clove I found though, so I just added 1oz Jim Beam to the traditional honey 'n' lemon: delectable!"
Use Zicam, get from Wal Mart or any drugstore.
As much as possible, avoid coming into close contact near infected persons, especially if they cough or sneeze.

A personality with a cold is extremely contagious: He or she fill the air beside fine particles of saliva or mucous which transport the virus microbe. Even if the entity is careful to wipe his antenna with tissue or a tissue, the microbes will be transported to his hands. And studies hold shown that these viruses are transmitted through appendage contact. So if you have to shake hand with someone who have a cold, you would better wash soon after!

What can you do if you do detain a cold?
It is useless to take antibiotics: They hold no effect on viruses. However, here are certain substances found surrounded by alcohol which help decongest sinuses, explicitly why a good hot toddy can work wonders. But embezzle care of your liver: A toddy is only just as good beside a little rum as near a lot.

You don’t enjoy to get drunk to catch better. You don’t even have to drink it - only just sniff some strong alcohol like cognac or brandy and breathe contained by the fumes.
Great question but not a great position to be surrounded by take Vitamin C capsule this will help next to the throat infection try to take multivitamins to boost your immune system Goji berries because they enjoy the highest rate of Vitamin C. Drink grape fruit liquid. and other healthy herbal teas.
Echinacea - The immune system booster
Zinc - losenges

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