Any supplement that can boost the brains functions such as intelligence concentration and memory?

Preferably with little or no side-effects.Thanks

Hi Tiger,

Memory is one of those things explicitly affected by lately about anything that you put away, drink or take contained by the form of medicine. You didn't utter how old you are and whether or not you are have memory problems. Here is a list of suggestions that may give support to.

First is to stop drinking anything with caffeine surrounded by it. Excessive caffeine consumption can cause a loss of marine soluble minerals and vitamins that directly affect the function of your brain.

Second is to take B-complex vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids everyday. These two products support the creation of neurotransmitters surrounded by the brain which helps complex functions like memory.

There are other supplements resembling ginkgo as mentioned in other answers. Other supplements that may assistance memory is phosphatidyserine, Vinposetine, Huperzine-A, DHA and Bacopa. All of these are useful for the right individual.

Yes here are side-effects with some of these supplements but they are mostly of the drug interaction mixed bag. If you are taking medication than you need to do your research or ask someone who know how drugs interact with these supplements.
I've tried this brand next to Tahitian Noni International
you can go this website

They one for memory it a vitamin
I don't nick any such supplement that claims to help boost brain function, but I've hear or read that ginkgo biloba, an herb, can increase the circulation to the brain and can even help those near early to moderate stage alzheimer's disease. One should really communicate with their physician previously using any type of herbs or supplements as here may be side effects and/or drug interactions with other medication.

I also read that omega-3's (fatty acids) may help brain function which may be found within cold water fish such as salmon as ably as flaxseed and some nuts. I take a flax grease capsule on a day by day basis to try to facilitate keep my cholesterol (fatty, waxy substance contained by blood) at a healthy reading (though Not within place of a medication). The fish oil cap may work the same track but some brands could have mercury surrounded by them which is also why one should not consume fish (including canned tuna fish) more than a couple days of week.

I be just questioning on yahoo for other suggestions to boost brain power, and a study suggests dark chocolate can back which researchers believe is due to the flavanols or antioxidents in the dim chocolate. I believe that they recommend dark that have at least 60% cocoa but not slightly certain of exact percentage. And logically it may be high surrounded by saturated and/or transfats (partially hydrogenated fats) butter, so I'm sure that moderation is the key as near anything in one's existence.

I've also heard of choline, another supplement, which I believe we enjoy in our brains already, acetylcholine(?) Not sure of the value of it though or the science behind it. Please do speak beside your dr before accumulation anything to your daily regimen. Take pious care!
Essential Fatty Acids
Ginko Biloba
Focus Factor
There's a crude memory called Ginkgo Biloba it works a moment ago fine.

Link above for information on: Professional Solutions Cognitive Formula. Good for the brain and memory.

I take it and I see the difference. I have problems after I took a fall of a stool in my kitchen and this brought my thinking final.

Gingko Biloba!
Gotu kola is also traditionally used to enhance mental functioning.

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