COFFEE---The true American drink<<<>>>?

Do U drink it? My Doctor, Yes I do have 1, even tho I am somewhat 1, tell me there is "0" nutriencial utility TO "COFFEE". This WEB is complicating the studies saying " Coffee", my cure some typs of cancer, type 2 dibeaties, and other noncence. I want 2 here from UUUUU<<<>>>wadda u reason?

Sorry if this sounds rude but, you are somewhat of a doctor and you spell like that?? omg that's terrifying - How many years of academy did you have? Seriously, be all the misspellings within your question intentional or what? i denote "nutriencial" and "dibeaties" and then "noncence" what within the world is up with that?? As for Coffee, caffiene is supposed to be impossible for you so ... I would say, Yes coffee is impossible for you. Sorry if I sounded harsh above, but really if you want to be a doctor sometime within the future, please revise to spell first. Good luck!
I think coffee is foul
deppendes on the coffie
coffee stains your teeth and has 0 nutritional merit

people similar to it because there's certain peer of the realm thingy to it and caffeine gets you awake.

plus coffee beside donuts is awsome lol
vodka me like vodka
it doesn't cure any diseases but is the true american drink for sure!
i love coffee intuitively..there may be no nutricinal helpfulness but they are proving to find things like certian compounds contained by it that may help to prevent long as you are not abuse it for the caffiene i would say enjoy a cup or two
I drink it sometimes. It has no nutritional appeal, some people merely like it. I don't believe it cures any cancer or diabetes.
coffee beez berry berry obedient to me :)

personally i couldn't concern less if it have nutritional value...i approaching it so i drink it...

btw...if you are "somewhat a doctor" i would think your spelling would be significantly better
I love the swallow, but I've discovered a better alternative (a healthier one) teeccino

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