African Herbal Stores surrounded by NYC?

Hi, just wondering if anyone have any suggestions for good herbal stores, preferably African, but not a requirement. I be prescribed some medication that has a million and one ridiculous side effects, not to mention it make me nauseous and I'm a moment ago plum afraid of manufactored chemicals these days. So I would close to to try a natural approach and be in motion from there. Any suggestions for a biddable store, preferably in the Manhattan or Brooklyn nouns?

Don't know if it's still there, but see if Meadowsweet Herbal Apothecary which used to be on the SE corner of Bleeker and I reflect it was 7th Ave (?) is still at hand. Barring that contact the NY Open Center. Call Susun Weed in Woodstock, NY for suggestion (She's one of the foremost herbal practitioners in the country and close to you. You can run there (or used to be competent to) and trade work for learning. I would also consult the Alternative Press (Village Voice, etc) and check out the adverts/bulletin board. Angelica's Kitchen (which used to be on St. Mark's Place could more than probable hook you up w/ info and a referral. There is an African American Herbalist named Shekinah on Dry Creek Road within Auburn, CA, who is well-known contained by the US herbal community, who would be more than willing to relief you, I bet. The address is something like Dry Creek Herb Farm, Dry Creek Road, Auburn, CA 95603. Google dig out it to be sure. Sorry if these any of these are defunct or moved. I haven't lived in NYC since 1993 and moved out CA in Aug. 2000, so I'm digging a bit here. Google or any other survey engine should be more than helpful. As next to anything, but especially alternative medicines, don't merely take someone's word on something, do your own research! Your life span may depend upon it. Also, all of us could be more kind if we knew what drug(s) and what conditions you be talking just about.

There used to be a great health food store on 2nd Avenue between 6th and 8th Streets. You could also contact one of my teacher: Annemarie Colbin, c/o The Natural Gourmet Cookery School and Institute for Food and Healing, 48 W. 21st Street, NY, NY 10012 (check the street address and the zip, it's distinctly West Side). Phone number is in the book.

May blessings slump upon you like sunlight!
Why not try on the internet? By typing surrounded by your ailment and "herbal" or "natural", you might be able to seize the name of a unconscious remedy. Then you could research and locate that.

Also, why not use the Yellow Pages and let your fingers do the walking to herbal stores within NYC?

Or ask on Yahoo!Answers for the mname of a natural remedy for _____?

Good luck!

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