Chiropractic drug?

As I said before my wife have fibromyalgia. Today she has an appointment near a chiropractor. Has anyone ever had nouns with one of these doctors?

My wife worked for a chiropractor that treated individuals for Fibromyalgia with pretty well brought-up results. She couldn't discuss specifics (Patient confidentiality) but was existing excited to share " This patient be treated and is doing Great!" types of things.
SO yes I would say, depending on the Chiro's experience) it should give support to, if only relieve some of the symptoms.

Best of luck to your wife.
Well, I don't suffer from fibromyalgia, but I do see a chiropractor periodically and I have a feeling fantastic!! I have the birth of arthritis in my hindmost, so this helps immensely! *love* my chiro!

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