Can you mix that Chlamydia powder medicine(AZITHROMYCIN) next to other things similar to kool-aid?

I was wondering if you can mix the powder next to something other than hose down I was told it have a totally disgusting flavor. Or do i just hold to chugg it down? The medicine is call AZITHROMYCIN

Zithromax is a prescription anit-botic, and I would do what your doctor told you to do. Some foods and liquids can interact near medicine, for example grapefuit liquid.

I would just clutch with hose down, and don't forget to finish the whole bottle, even though your symptoms are better, because the microbes in your body can respawn again.
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Please do NOT mix it w/ Kool-Aid, as Kool-Aid is almost 100% sugar and adjectives it will do is provide a feast for your yeast. If you hold to mix it w/ something, could you use peppermint tea or some other flavour you like, close to maybe Lemon Zinger? Worst armour scenario: could you mix it w/ grapefruit juice? Practically anything would be better than Kool-Aid for you.
Get some unoccupied gelatin capsules at a vigour food store, and put the powdered med. in them, cap them off. They'll attain past your savour buds that way once you transport them down the "log ride" down your throat with sea.

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