Does anyone know the aroma used to rouse a personage who is knocked out?

The aroma of Smelling Salts is ammonia.\.
I bet it's pure ammonia.
Spirit of Ammonia.
Smelling salts are used to arouse consciousness because the release of ammonia gas that accompany their use irritates the mucous membranes of the nose and lungs, and thereby triggers an inhalation reflex (that is, it cause the muscles that control breathing to work faster). One such smelling salt is ammonium carbonate (NH4)2CO3.
Smelling salt. Here is a link to the wikipedia article.
straight reefer smoke usually wake me up.
That stinky patchouli oil you capture at the Renaissance Faire, along with leather mugs, beaded macrame swim suits, flat beer, and over-cooked turkey legs. nm
Smelling salt. Hyssop works just as powerfully.
Freshly & coarsely crushed white Onion to be held near the nostrills of the knocked out person.
amonia staight up! and they burn your feeler and kinda makes you wanna sneeze.
ammonia some strong stuff
Smelling salt are what they are referred as. But now a days its a vial of Ammonia that you usually can find surrounded by first aid kits or at the pharmacy.

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