Can you use L-Lysine and R-Lipoic together?

I will be taking it along with my B complex vitamin to give support to with the neuorapthy affliction I have

I am not familar next to R-Lipoic but L-Lysine is just an amino sour, one of the building blocks of protein so I really can't imagine how it would interfere near anything. Sounds like a fine regeime. The B-12 will oblige with the nerves but they do work best together. I would recomend you to look into a sublingual B-complex Like Source Naturals Coenzymate B Complex. Sublingual is melt under your tounge so that it is deliver right into the blood stream and does not tax your liver. As in good health most oral vitamins are filtred out by your liver because it doesn't recognize them as individual needed for your body. GOD Bless and good luck.
You can filch them both without alarm of harm.
You might try some Monavie liquid for neuropathy too.
I know several people who own tried it with pious results.

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