What brand is the best multi-vitamin to buy? Non-synthetic?

I'd like to find non-synthetic multi-vitamins. What brand of multi is the best one to buy?

I similar to Nutrilite Double X.
Nutrilite has adjectives kinds of supplements and vitamins base on plant derivatives.
I've taken "One-a-Day" vitamins for years but when I started noticing some curls loss (I'm a 62 yr old strong woman), my daughter who was expecting her first infant suggested I try pre-natal vitamins. I'm on my first container and I already see the difference and also my nails are stronger and growing faster. I'm taking "Target" brand - hope it help someone out there. Oh, and ladies - don't forget to purloin your calcium with vitamin D for strong bones (in increase, I do take Vit B-12) -- this "older" female is going strong.
Brewers Yeast and Cod Liver Oil is great,
Once Daily by Solaray and Cod Liver oil is apposite.

Iron free once a day multi vitamin by Solaray
Cod liver grease by Nordic Naturals
Brewers Yeast by Twin labs
I was using Solgar for years, after I switched to NewChapter Organics. It has probiotics, too. Non-synthetic.
Metagenic's "Multigenics"
or Thorne Research Basic Nutrients III
Hi Michael.
Which multi vitamin is best for you? Finding out take time and research, especially if you want to supplement for a vitamin deficiency brought something like by disease or illness. In this baggage it is worth consulting a physician and nutritionist together to get the best vitamin proposal and nutrition plan for you.
Jason Homan
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