Can associates capture lofty stale hydroxyzine used to treat anixeity?

Different people hold different reactions. Some it make them so drowsy they can't stand up straight. Some people it have little effect at all. The singular way to know is try it and see. Yes, hydroxizine is used to treat anxiety surrounded by some cases. Be careful of taking anything surrounded by case you own an adverse reaction brand name sure someone can tell the doctor what you took. It's okay to get hold of high but be smart more or less it.
why do you want to know? for starters,hydroxyzine is not used to treat anxiety.the certainty that you spelled it right means you probably hold someones prescriptions.grow up and stop copping out trying to get will ruin your life whether you believe it or not
Take a few, its fun!
U can't Be serious!! Get some weeed or something how u ganna use some crazy as **** close to that! How do u even have the ball to even ask!
Don't listen to that tiger cub dude. I was purely prescribed hydroxyzine for anxiety today. It is also an antihistamine however. It has two uses. They give it to me to hold me over until I see a doctor about my depression. They can distinctly get you illustrious and this guy would know this if he researched what he claimed to know so much about even on google (commonly xanax and valium is abused from which you search out the same effects one and only more substantial). He is right however about the reality that abusing drugs can ruin your vivacity. Don't just hold random medication to try to get high-ranking from them. It is really dangerous, especially if you don't enjoy a prescription and you don't know for sure what the meds really are.

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