Could anyone afford me any info on the homeopathic remedy baryta mur?Cant find anything on network?

Any info,links,websites would be much appreciated or are there any homeopaths out within who know?

Try searching online for Baryta Muricaticum (full name). Homeopathics use Latin naming, along next to all sorts of abbreviation (such as Bar C for baryta carbonicum, or baryta mur for baryta muricaticum, or nat mur for natrum muricaticum) so searching lower than the full name will attain you more hits.

I like ABC homeopathy for concise info.

The best item is to get several Materia Medica from different homeopaths and cross quotation.

The best thing is to run to an experienced homeopath. There are literally millions of different (potential) homeopathic remedies, so choosing one for yourself (or loved one) is really tricky... you are going to get much better results by going through a homeopath (or Naturopathic Doctor or MD who is well-versed contained by homeopathy)
Information regarding Baryta Mur and it's adjectives names are nominated here at ABC Homeopathy. You can also buy it from them online.

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