Foods, herb and etc to produce cancer cell self destruct?

I have read in the region of foods, herbs and etc that are suppose to create cancer cells to self destruct. Can anyone share me what some of them are?

I got rid of my own Stage 4 cancer contained by two weeks using habeneros peppers and freshly grated garlic, along next to emulsified fish oil. If no freight is being lost, evening primrose grease would be my choice instead of the fish oil.

Grate the pepper and the garlic each light of day, and put them on bread with some butter to quell the grill.

It makes ya breath heavily for a minute which is a accurate thing because it pumps the diaphragm and in consequence the lymph.

That was nine years ago. Since after researchers at UCLA have found that pepper by themselves shrink tumors 80%.

They found that ginger does the same piece. Freshly grated (daily) ginger can be used in place of the pepper if the person cannot tolerate pepper.

The combo of habeneros and garlic is way too much for the cancer to survive.

Good luck and be very well.

There are no such foods and herbs. If nearby were, there'd be no cancer because we'd adjectives have used those foods and herb now for years and years...
That Sounds a bit Jubyus
Cancer cell do not grow in an alkaline environment. Just research it.
According to a brochure published by the American Cancer Institute, the phytochemicals found within cruciferous
fruits and vegetables help the body skirmish cancer and should be a part of our DAILY diet.

Unfortunately, the USDA have said that less than 1% of Americans come even close to intake enough of these fruits and vegetables and another report from them said that if adjectives Americans did eat these, we would stipulation an additional 6 million acres of farmland surrounded by production to grow it all.
The Mangosteen fruit have been amazingly helpful near Cancer.
Free radicals produce cancer and speed up the ageing process. If you can destroy or immobilise some of the free radical then you can stifle your chances of getting cancer and you can also slow down the ageing process a bit.

Antioxidants within food will destroy or immobilise some of the free radical and the foods that are rich in antioxidants are fruits and vegies that are coloured a bright red, yellow, red, purple and blue. These include pumpkin, carrot, water melon, oranges, strawberries, red capsicums, tomatoes, red beetroot, red cabbage, purple grapes, blueberries, bilberries, etc.
Check out "How to Prevent and Treat Cancer beside Natural Medicine" by Dr Michael Murray ND. It is on of the best books available on the subject. See also "Beating Cancer With Nutrition" by Pat Quillen, who has more degree than a thermometer. Good Luck! Books are available on Alibris if you can't find a copy locally.
I'm not sure about the food aspect, but I do know that Cancer Miasm Homeopathic formulas hold proven worthy.
check out link below
1000% sure herbs etc will NOT work to barney cancer. They probably will cause you to die a few years sooner since you frivolous time not going to a medical doctor.
That is not a naturopathic remedy. We believe in self invigorating but removing the obstacles to see it. The best way to treat cancer is to run care of the over adjectives general condition so it does have the right tools to isolate and clash off cancer. Eat right the best you can, lots of fluid intake, Vitamins and minerals. Very, terribly important I cannot stress how prominent that is most of adjectives and plenty of rest for regeneration. Without rebirth the body cannot regroup.

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