Alternative medication for blood clots?

Maybe to prevent them. Also something that will dissolve the clots that cause the fruitless menstrual cramps

aspirin or clopidogrel - you should get a prescription if you're worried - otherwise aspirin is it.
try aspirin. it thins the blood.
Pamprin is really correct for cramps.
The most commonly recommended blood thinner is an asprin a day. White willow yelp will do the same.

For menstral cramps, its not the clots cause the cramps.
Some women get cramps worse than others, but almost everyone see clots from time to time.

Dong Quai and Cramp bark hold been used for centuries.
Vitamin B6 taken each day,(and you can take this as module of a b-complex supplement if you wish) works for some women.

I have provided a cooperation below to my favorite herbal website. They have a widespread variety of single herb and herb blends for a variety of ailments, including a blend for cramping that is to say all herbal. The prices are gala, shipping is only $5 and the transport out quickly.

Good Luck!
Horse chestnut is a herbal supplement that promotes respectable circulation. Mostly for leg veins and have been used for PMS.

The Vitamin shoppe carry varieties but you must pocket according to the directions to prevent complications.

Horseshit has blood thinning characteristics so do not bear with aspirin products. Do not overdose any.
Garlic is great for blood clots. You can ordor free galic tablets
Nattokinase is great for helping blood clots. We give it to our patients to assist prevent strokes. It's worth a try.
Besides one aspirin a day in attendance are many other blood thinners including fish grease and Vitamin E. Vitamin E requires at least 400 IU a morning to be effective as a blood thinner.

A Yahoo rummage through for "blood thinners" (OR "thin blood") + "alternative medication (OR medicine)" may be of interest.

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