Can Teenagers use the diet pill ALLI?

There is this new diet pill call Alli .. it is the only FDA approved diet pill you can find over the counter.. so i was wondering if it be safe for me to use it?

It probably would be undisruptive for an older teen to use, but it's not market toward teens and any store that sells it will ask for your ID.
Its not the wisest entity to use diet pills at our age. We are better off using exercise. But if your doctor recomendes it after yes it would be wise. But dont use it unless you entail to. I think you should ask your doctor
Teens should not be on any diet pills term!
I think that it states that you hold to be 18. but you know diet pills are not the safest way to step to lose weight.
I would seriously recommend consulting your parent or doctor or both. If you chose to do this you must follow the program and pocket a vitamin as well. If you are not more than 15 lbs overweight I wouldn't, it is not a sudden fix.
I'm not sure if you have done any research on this clean drug, but there are some degrading side effects that can and might possibly occur. Change contained by bowel habits which may include loose stools and the Alli website even warn users to wear dark pant or have an extra revise of clothes in travel case of "anal leakage." This sounds really disgusting and I definently wouldn't want to be within public with this going on.

Your best bet is exercise and diet. It take effort to lose mass, especially in a healty agency. Good luck with anything you choose.
well.I would avoid it, your probably still growing and putting closely of that kinda stuff in you can stunt your growth. I attribute my anyone short now (5'4" mom is 5'9", dad 6'2" and sister is 5'8") when the rest of my loved ones is tall to my individual dumb when I was younger and sneaking greatly of diet pills and things like that.I really dream up I could have be taller had I not taken so much of that kinda entry. No way to ever know, but I wouldn't risk it b/c I would instinctively love another inch or 2!
Hi Lisa,

The list of side effects are pretty disgusting. One of them is "gas near oily spotting." And it can transpire up to 12 hours after taking the you never know when you might get the most degrading surprise of your life.

No youngster or adult requirements to be remembered as the girl who "had the calamity."

I can't believe that the company went ahead near this product.

Also, the product blocks fat digestion. Believe it or not, there are perfect fats that sustain to keep you smart and your skin looking silky, etc.

So Alli might put together your skin look bad while you grain dumb.

You might try either CLA or coconut grease instead. Isn't it funny, those are fats that give a hand you to burn off body round!

Good luck.

It depends how old you are. If you are an elder teen i wouldnt see a problem with it but you should consult your doctor first. I am taking them right very soon and have be for about 4 days. I am consumption healthy choices and enjoy seen NONE of those side effects, nil even close. If you dont eat the illustrious fat and greasy foods afterwards you shouldnt have that problem. If you are going to shift and eat those foods afterwards yes expect to have some accident otherwise you should be fine but it is a life conversion you have to want to be nutritious and stay commited to it. Hope this helps.
yes a teen can use it if they want to be feeling shame in front of other childish guys and girls when a fatty liquid starts to overflow from the rectum and soils the clothes and stinks like crapola
i be going to purchase alli and it sounded really good but i hold been reading more or less it and i found out that you shouldn't use it if you are under 18 because it stunts your growth. You also obligation to follow a diet and excercise plan and make sure that what you put away is undder 15g of fat per dinnertime.

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