Home remedy for keeping lice away?

First and foremost, determine where the lice are coming from. Whether its a friend's house, or a friend that visit. If they aren't treated properly, they will keep re-infesting your home. For an infested principal, tea tree oil will fumigate the bugs. Use T-36/C-5 or T-40/C3 which are the safest. Don't be stingy next to the oil, a 1 oz bottle can treat an entire chief. The smell is a little much but it works. For kids, you might want to cover their obverse because the fumes make the eyes sting a touch. After oil is applied, wrap fleece in a towel for 10 minutes, use the nit comb and shampoo afterwards. Then append tea tree oil to shampoo to hold them away. They hate it. Do a second treatment 7 to 10 days following in grip you missed any eggs. Make sure to clean bedding, furniture, and stuffed animals. I hear of people putting tea tree surrounded by a vaporizer and letting it mist an entire room, don't know for sure if that would work but its worth a try.Tea tree oil largely cost $10-15 a bottle but it works and its safe. Good Luck
Don't share articles of clothing next to anyone. Be careful of thrift store items. Don't share brushes and combs.
After delousing and a upright go through beside a nit comb, apply a generous amount of quill conditioner and leave contained by for 30 mnutes bofore rinsing out.
Add tee tree grease to your shampoo. You can also buy shampoos with it already surrounded by. It can be found at health food stores and some pharmacies.
First of adjectives treat whomever has lice surrounded by the house already. Over the counter Rit works well. Wash that person's clothes, blankets, sheets and pillowcases surrounded by hot water. Don't share brushes, combs, hat or anything else. If no one surrounded by the house has it, avoid whomever does until they're disinfected.
There isn't a "home remedy" for keeping lice away except common sense. Most of the time kids bring em home from college and thats how the infestation starts, so ridding your house of them is one thing, but within also needs to be precautions for outside the home as capably. Good luck
Tea Tree Oil works wonders!

But to generally hold them awaytry and tie your hair up and don't share hat or headbands.
my daughters got lice and it literally feel like the plague.
I spent hundreds of dollars on over the counter AND prescription lice remedies and egg removal kit. Nothing worked effectively and hen we got rid of the lice they kept coming rear legs. After months of experimentation I found a cheap, foolproof and effective remdy to be precise also completely safe and hearty for hte child. I have used this on both of my children and on several other people's children and enjoy always have 100% success.

Lice disgust oil- it suffocates them. If your child has lice first, soak the mane and scalp in olive oil- fashion sure that the scalp is completely drenched and hair is completely coated contained by olive oil. Wrap the tresses in plastic wrap and tolerate the kids play outside or in the hip bath for an hour or so. Take this time to remove all bedding, put stuffed animals and pillows within airtight plastic bags for 2- 3 weeks, vacuum bed, sofas , carpet, etc.
Now wash the olive grease out and fill a bowl beside vinegar, lean the child back and permit the jhair soak in the vinegar for a couple of minutes, later run the lice comb through the hair and the nits will slide right out..

Prevention: win some VO5 or some other oil base leave within conditioning treatment- I use a chammile an jojoba oil on my girls spike. I put a light coat contained by clean mane, not enough to generate it greasy and gross looking but enough to condition, brand it shiny and have a coat of grease that will deter lice from wanting to dwell in their quill. put a light coat respectively morning before academy or every time you wash their hair- it is sound for the hair, will keep hold of it moisturized and keep lice out.
Another item I recommend is going to Walgreens and getting something called the Robicomb. It is an alectronic comb that traps the lice between the teeth and zaps them but is completely safe to your child. Lice have a 2 week enthusiasm cycle. If you know they have be exposed to lice, run this through their hair every morning and draw from whatever lice might own hitched a ride before they enjoy a chance to lay eggs.
Worshipful Heart have the right ideal !! The simply thing that I did different be...leaving the grease in for just about 15 minutes, as this suffocates the lice and also breaks down the "glue" that holds the nits to the hair. Then after that, rub within goop hand cleaner, this will break down the grease so as it will come out easier. Shampoo the hair beside what ever shampoo that you want, and then condition the coat after wards. Comb threw the spike and as the hair dries the nits will slump out with out any problem at adjectives.

Also you need to do adjectives the rooms and bedding and what have you the course that Worshipful Heart said to do.
Here in Hawaii culture add tea tree grease to their shampoo to help hang on to lice away.
Stay well,
Try rubbing alcohol within there cranium and put a plastic bag over in attendance hair tightly and maintain on dong that it works and to prevent these from happing take a on a daily basis bath and see who you droop with also

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