Do you know any remedies, herbs or vitamins that will take away cravings for an addiction?

My friend thinks he can beat coke addiction with out treatment. Says its more mental then physical. Will not go to a treatment center and insists he can do it through will power. Is there something out there that will help with the pysical withdrawl I can suggest. Any thing that takes away the cravings? Thx...

The physical withdrawal with cocaine can be viscious. I suggest he work with a doctor who can prescribe something to ease those symptoms.

At best the 'natural' remedies only help with minor pain and anxiety (perfectly in the range of placebo, really), and cocaine withdrawal is NOT minor. He can't do it alone, though. I suggest he work with a doctor and go to a support group. NA is a great group, albeit a bit 'God' oriented. If your friend is a secularist there is SOS (Seculer Organization for Sobriety) that caters to secularists.

When I was kicking opiates it really helped to be around people who knew what I was going through and had made it past it. Family and friends who knew nothing about addiction and withdrawal were worse than useless (they meant well, but I never felt I could trust them because they didn't know what I was going through).

But the physical withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous. Medical help is his best option. Stuff like Kava and vitamin supplements won't help alleviate the symptoms. Give 'em to your friend and he'll tell you as much.

I hope your friend makes it out of this okay. Best wishes.

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