Are here any home remedies for the affliction cause by courage ruin as a result of Shingles?

That works? NO. of course prayer.
I used castor oil rubbed into my skin when I have shingles, and believe it did me a lot of suitable.
Prayer is the only home facilitator for this intractable and horrible backache. A doctor ought to be consulted post haste because it does hold a nasty means of access of spreading along the nerve stripe and getting worse before it get better. Good Luck.
Not that I know of. The shingles pain will concluding for a year or so because the virus is sitting on the nerve. You might try acupuncture, but anything else would be a fritter away of time and money.
Don't believe the people who right to be heard nothing can be done...we be told our cat had to be put to sleep closing year..she's still alive and doing quite in good health thanks to crude medicine.

I found this site below,,,don't know if this stuff works. I enjoy read books that say lysine (an amino acerbic available at health food stores) is polite along with vitamin e and vitamin c. Lysine is also available within a cream.

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