Does anyone know if rite aid sell st. john's wort?

i was a short time ago wondering cause to be precise the closest drug store near me but it's still a ways away and i needed to know before i run out there. thank you

Yes, they do but it's a surplus of money. I tried it before and be worthless to me. Walmart sells it and it's cheaper than Rite Aid. Rite Aid here is expensive, we enjoy a GNC in our Rite Aid. Walmart sell the natural stuff surrounded by they're vitamin aisle, the vitamins at one end, the natural's at the other, and they're much cheaper near it. It never did me any good, but everyone is different too, so I decision you luck with it. If your trying to relax your mind, try Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer tea too. Make it similar to hot coffee with sugar and milk/1/2&1/2, whichever. Tastes kinda impossible with the first sip, but it get better, slight cinnamony flavor, but it's relaxing.
Why not call them?
The Rite Aid surrounded by my area does. Check surrounded by the Vitamin Section.

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