Any thoughts on alternative medicine that might aid contained by salutary brain injuries?

Taking concerta, celexa, fish oil, day by day vitamins, flaxseed oil. All for different reason, but the brain injury is the big one. I've been at this for a couple years very soon. Will consider anything, after I research further. Thanks.

Omega 3 fatty acids, proanthocyanines and time.
There are many brain formulas out here. I recommend Watkins Brain Plus. Go to I've been giving it to my Mom who is 92 and although she have dementia, she is still pretty alert and remembers things and maintains a honest sense of humor.
The rumor is that a rich O2 environment is helpful, but I haven't tried it myself. Please remember that anything that you do that you don't transmit your doctor about could obtain you into trouble. The reasoning is that you have plentifully of hormones, peptides, etc. that react contained by different ways to different stimuli. If you are looking for a quick cure-all at Y!Answers, beware if anyone give you one.
Good luck!

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