who all want it to be allowed and why who want it to remain illegal and why..i want it to be legally recognized .. i dont use it but i know people that do so that is to say why i would be for it.. the only intention i can see it is illegal is because the gov.. cant ruminate of a way to export tax it like tobbaco

I did it for years it is discouraging it causes u to be paranoid, depressed and your lifestyle and relationships suffer (you acquire mad when you dont hold it.)
Bush grown may not be so bad but its hydro today and has so abundant chemicals you may aswell take acerbic trips.
It is the main make happen of mental illness
you wrap up up on antidepressants and other stuff cos it depletes serotonin in brain
I ruminate it should stay illegal - within is such a connection beside schizophrenia in childish people it is frightening!
I couldn't agree more!! Legalize it!
not permitted.

if i told you my reasons self be here the rest of the day. some are a short time ago personal with relatives i know and stuff. others have to do near my beliefs.
i agree with you. honeslty, it's proven that alcohol is a much more insalubrious drug than pot. it is well established that individuals are far more likely to become uncontained when drunking too much than from marijuana use. of course, ANYTHING is excess is wan. if we ate broccoli all sunshine every day we'd be ailing.

alcohol is legal bc of POLITICS ONLY, not because it's a safer drug. and i'm not discussion "safe" as far as bodily effects go, i'm chitchat the social price paid by the impact of users. pot have negatives associated w/ it as capably, don't get me wrong, i'm not glorify it; however, from all the research i own read & heard, alcohol is extremely costly to society. i can not create in your mind marijuana being worse. it should be tax & regulated, we should'nt be able to drive "glorious," bc it clearly impares motor reflexes.

but as it stands very soon, do we REALLY feel, as a society, that someone should do penal complex time for having marijuana? selling it to kids, yes, that's different. their brains are still developing, we restrict minors from most rights contained by the US, i agree w/ that. the only anger i have hear of as a result of marijuana, is in the underground dealing & trafficing of the drug - JUST LIKE when alcohol be illegal & probably would come about if cigarrettes were prohibited too. would we send someone to JAIL for have nicotine??
Here in Canada it is officially recognized to get a medical prescription for use of Cannabis as a headache killer.
As far as legalize it like regular cigarrettes or liquor, I infer it should be done. We do know that it affects perception, and can affect drivers and pilots, so its use has to be restricted!
Some pot ingredients are also carcinogens.
We enjoy legalized marijuana production in Canada, but the best feature still comes from illegal producers which we call for grow-ops ,.
i think it should be decriminalized. smoking pot is, at smallest to me, much more addictive to than alcohol. i have a pale stomach, so becoming an alcoholic would be nearly impossible for persons similar to me. smoking pot is much easier. no vomiting, no nausea. because of this, i now smoke as much a 10 times a daylight! another thing that make pot so addictive to me is the weak hangover. alcohol's powerful hangover other deters me from drinking again the next afternoon, or week for that matter.

legalize cannabis in duplicate fashion as alcohol would probably be a deluge. everyone would be smoking and driving, getting into crashes. people would turn to work and just plain **** up. the liquor industry would largely jump out of buisness because- who would want to get drunk, work like an idiot within public, then travel home and throw up and pass out within the bathroom, or in an nouns like a loser? but later again, white people love to drink...wierdos.
I one-sidedly don't like cannabis at adjectives and never use it, but I do believe it should be legalized. It is far less unwholesome than alcohol and nicotine, plus, our jails are so overcrowded next to nonviolent drug offenders it is a ridiculous spend in dribs and drabs of money to keep cannabis illicit!

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