Does any one know how to fall or remove fatty tumors?

I have be told I have fatty tumors. I would close to to know if there is a track to dessolve them using natural remedies.

Hi Billie W, it's name Lipomas are benign fatty tumors usually located in subcutaneous tissues.
Surgical excision is the most typical form of lipoma treatment, but other forms of analysis, including steroid injections and liposuction, are becoming increasingly common. Nevertheless, surgery is still considered the best course to completely cure a lipoma.
Thuja occidentalis Arbor Vitae is proposed by the homeopaths for fat deposition as ably as many conditions when the body seem to be producing excessive tissues (warts, fibroma, lipoma).
Jason Homan
Have you heard just about mangosteen juice which enjoy been used for centuries contained by traditional medicine throughout the world. There enjoy been Scientific laboratory studies to support its use on the following:
Overall body wellness
Heart and Blood Vessel
Brain and Nerve Health
Cancer - assistance prevent free radical vandalize and resulting cell mutations
Tumor - decrease inflamation at the site of the cancer
and several more ....

But don't forget to drink alots of water.

Need to know more..can email me
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