Charka opposite?

Is this stuff for real? Has anyone done this?

Yes it's for legitimate. As Reikigirl explained, any Reiki practioner can assist you. Chakras are areas of energy, sometimes referred to as wheel or vortexes. We accumulate blockages within many areas throughout our lives due to unresolved hurts, angers, grief, abuse, laxity or any number of situations. When we hold on to those grievances they block the flow of energy.

A Reiki practitioner will assist by directing beneficial energy to flow where on earth it is needed. There are numerous good websites available to study more. Some correct authors on the subject are Karyn Mitchell and Barbara Brennan.

I've been a Reiki Master/Teacher for 15+ years and own seen with the sole purpose good results come from chakra opposite and cleansing. When I first heard of it I be skeptical and needed proof. I'm now convinced.

Best wishes to you :-)
I meditate you mean "chakra" and yes, it's for TRUE - I had an east Indian friend who skilled me alot about it - I've never practiced it tho
Chakra paired can be dicey.

Your best bet is to meditate using a well set and researched technique. Something that has be out for some time. You can also be balanced by an accupuncturist, believe it or not. A apt one can get your undamaged system balanced within just a few sessions. It doesn't hurt, I've have at least 50 for assorted health issues, adjectives resolved without any other technique.

Be smart about this. Someone who does not know what they are doing can crease your energy and impair your form and spiritual advancement which chakra function is an integral part of.
Chakra opposite is great.Anyone certified in Reiki,is importantly qualified to help clear sparkle blocks from any area of your body.All they do is subway healing joie de vivre to remove blockages,and help your body to make well itself.
There are other alternative treatments out there-Reflexology,accupuncture... massage .I arise to prefer Reiki because I know it works,is non invasive AND the client keeps their clothes on. No wound is EVER EVER Done!
It is a technique that has be used for over 5000 years.
They \'re begining to use it in hospitals in the past and after surgery to speed healing.
Chakra matching is for real. Yes done it.

Many population are sceptical when it comes to healing, but thats their loss. If your mind and body rejects anything that cant be explained by science, why would you be heal?

Go for it, makes you attuned near yourself

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