Does anyone know what tea i can drink to form me alleviate my bowel?

Traditional Medicinal Smooth Move Tea
Try taking Bioslim.
yeah green tea, and its healthy
Get a cup of hot sea, with partially a lemon squeezed in it, you can include some honey to sweeten it up a bit, that usually helps.
Peppermint Leaf Tea is righteous for digestive issues; Also you may want to get on a unprocessed laxative such as JLB-it works wonders!! Link below for more information
Flax tea is a natural course to get things moving - it's an excellent source of soluble fiber, have no known side effects and is ably tolerated even by people who tend to enjoy allergies to everything.

Just buy whole life flax seed and boil 1 tsp to one cup of wet. Ideally you'll want to make several cups at a time, as it can be chilled and stored for several days without an issue.

Have some at bedtime, and if you're really stuck, another within the morning. Most people see results within a day, for associates with chronic issues it may pocket a few more.

Don't forget to drink lots of water contained by general also!
When my son be a baby, my mother contained by law suggested to boil dried fruit and drink the gooey!

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