Acupuncture interrogate: I'm desperate to quit smoking.?

Can anyone tell me from experience if it works??

I don't know something like acupuncture but in March I go and had the laser treatment done near great success.
I merely saw somehting on the news in the region of a new injection that can supposedly relief with addiction to alcohol and cigarettes. you should look into it.
nil changed, just idle money.
I think cold turkey is the best channel to do it! find activities where on earth you cannot smoke like the gym !
It did not work for me. Of course, I never be one for people sticking cotton-covered pins within my body and setting them on fire. I still smoke, but I do know that it have worked for someone I knew.
ably, i have never have acupuncher but my bffs pearents do acupuncture, anyway if you wanna quit smoking eat fruit whenever you attain a craving, its healthy and you can quit!
Acupuncture does work, below certain conditions. There are lots practitioners who take shortcuts and endow with only the core needles on the ear treatment. This has not be as effective as an interview something like the length and nature of the smoking addiction, A full body treatment is given (sometimes more than once) with regular acupuncture needles and the kernel needles in the ear are used as a supplemental follow up which the forgiving can wear home for a few days. While acupuncture can stop the craving, I would suggest hypnosis to help near the behavior modification aspect of the addiction. Good luck and health to you.

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