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If one is avoiding using antiperspirant because of the heavy metals surrounded by them, what do you use in directive not to stank. I've been using regular perfume and it seem to work okay, but I'm guessing there is a better, more automatic alternative.

I agree w/ other poster. As long as you shower every morning and don't work out in the sun adjectives day, in recent times a plain deodorant will probably work pretty well.

If I remember, Andrew Weil used to recommend splashing somewhat rubbing alcohol to kill germs and unsurprisingly there are those brackish stones that you find in the strength food store. But be careful, closely of those salt deodorants enjoy aluminum in them even if they don't inform you.
Use deodarant without anti persperent There are plenty of untaught deoderants out there minus antiperperants
use a natural crystal deodorant stone
"A solid stick of automatic mineral salts and ammonium alum, completely free of perfume and chemicals. It leaves an invisible protective barrier against odor-causing microbes, and is guaranteed to last over a year of each day use."

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