Do you know MACA?

I would like to know the benefits of Maca. Is it better to buy MACA from Canadian or American brand or MACA from a Peruvian brand? Are within any risks in taking MACA within a daily font?
If anyone knows almost MACA, I would appreciate your comments.
Thank you!

Yes, it's true that Maca is used for fertility and libido for both men and women. The main aim is because of it's arginine content. I recommend a reputable company with a verbs (non-toxic) standardized extract. People with issues beside Arginine are those that have herpies virus. Arginine can potentiate breakouts. I have recommended it masses times, and have gotten great feedback on it. I own also used it for about 3 months contained by the past for libido and it worked for me and my partner. It is my choice for any sexual dysfunction issues.
Maca root is used for a few different reason:
Increased energy, strength, sexual stamina,increased libido and sexual function. It have also been used to treat menopause symptoms. Peruvian Maca would be the best.
I am not sure if in that are any risk of taking it daily but i do know it have no toxicity.

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