Autism is cured by acupuncture using tongue within Thailand- can anybody explain just about this?

i have read somewhere that they use chinese acupunture -- needles contained by the tongue to correct autism.
i request an expert to explain

First of all, I find it impolite to mock Chinese medicine. Chinese believe within a different way of diagnosing disease. Acupuncture is not cast-offs science. It actually rather complicated with adjectives the nerves and meridans that are involved in the human body. Please read the following links.
Tongue Acupuncture and Autism
by Professor Virginia Wong

Chinese Medicine for autism
by Mary Cissy Majebe

The tongue is examined for color, mass, dryness, smell, and any growths on the surface. This helps to diagnose disfunction within the body. The tongue connects all the merdians contained by the body. By placing needles on the tongue, it will stimulate responses in the brain. This will effect areas surrounded by the brain responsible for language, cognitive funcion, etc. This is a terribly general description on why the tongue is chosen. They also will place needles on the skipper and under the chin to treat autism. Unfortunately, my autistic son could not tolerate acupuncture. The acupuncturist said that the metals and toxins must be removed first contained by my son's case.
I would recommend trying a chiropractor to align the spine and free any nerves that may be pinched. A chiropractor have a chart showing the nerves and where it enter each vertebrae. Each audacity responsible for different organs in the body. Autistic children will enjoy subluxations in the cervical vertebrae and this pressure cause them to head smash. Its weird but lone this treatment stopped my son from hitting himself and his immune system started to improve. The incidence of sinus infection decline sharply. Don"t think that I am crazy because I am a woman of science. I used acupuncture and chiropractor as a non-medicine route to abet my son. I can't provide a "scientific" reason why but chiropractor did work for my son.
Mom Who Knows
The just rational explanation is that it is a fiction. Autism isn't curable, and if it were..the world is full of inhabitants with autistic children, who would already know give or take a few it.

Acupuncture is junk science / fix medicine. If someone have an illness or ailment explicitly cured by acupuncture..they are just fooling's the placebo effect.

Take 10 ailing patients and furnish them sugar pills...4 of them will report their symptoms improving.
the most important system is to influence certain meridians one of the knob meridians is beginning on the tongue, but a external point can be used too. and not other are needles required
WOW ! I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to return with my tongue to Thailand !
I'd like to hear/read this explained as economically! Since i have a relative beside an autistic daughter (who is completely wonderful, just as she is!)

I've one and only heard of acupuncture for anguish, so why couldn't it be used to help surrounded by others ways?

I suppose if Autisum and its variations (like Asperger's) be a neurological problem (which I have no belief if it is, especially since i'm no expert) and the point (no pun intended) of acupuncture is to heal or at most minuscule alleviate pain by inserting needles to gall points on certain areas of the body... afterwards it really doesn't seem far fetch to me.

Scientists supposedly haven't found out what causes autism and consequently have "no way" to cure it...goal they haven't come up with some drug to push who is to say that another culture hasn't figure out an alternative medicine... besides its solitary acupuncture not some sort of torture and they haven't claimed something outragous like a innate water spring, untouched by man surrounded by the middle of a rainforest with sleight of hand healing powers! althought that would be nice too :)

P.S. If accupuncture is "sugar pill" and all the same it helps restore to health or alleviate someone's you devise its worth it? or should the person progress on and suffer. The mind is very powerful!
I don't know that I buy it, but I will voice that while autism cannot be cured, it can be much improved contained by many associates using diet, supplements, eliminating allergens, etc. I am widen to the possibility--although I've seen too heaps autism moms put their kids through too many unpleasant or itchy procedures in desperate hope of a cure to suggest that anybody make available it a whirl...

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