Anybody ever used Acupuncture to treat allergies/sinus problems?

If so; what was the outcome?

I tried it twice, first time within New Your with a top acupuncturist for 3 appointments and the second time within San Francisco with another great acupuncturist for 2 appointments...
Besides man uncomfortable next to all the needles around, I did not complete A THING!!
I just lost money. . they told me that I should verbs the treatment until , I feel better, but after 5 times of syringe torture I did not get ANY nouns... well... I go back to my Zyrtec and Allegra and feel better!
I have tried adjectives the possible traditional and non traditional methods to control my allergies (mine are seasonal) without any luck, it is purely a waste of time and instinctively I never met no one that have a good outcome after acupuncture and 2 of my friends tried it. I cogitate is all just about faith and if you chew over it can work and you believe it can work . who know , it may work! personally... I am an Engineer, and do not believe much contained by things that are not scientifically proved!. I may try a few things out of curiosity , but I need facts and information!
I use oblong yellow florescent pills.
I use flonase and singular. It never be suggested to me to use acupuncture. I know someone who goes to the chiropractor for allergy relieve and they give the impression of being to think it works so I wouldn't be surprised if ethnic group use acupuncture.
Haven't tried acupuncture but I do use a Neti Pot which really helps me and my son.
I used acupressure treatment and very soon I am having tremendous nouns. I used to have sinusitis attacks twice every year next to suppurated discharge from my nose also accompany by blood. I had maxillary strain radiating to my head. Watery eyes and couldnt concentrate on anything at adjectives. I have made my reference in my website on acupressure treatment for sinusitis. It may be of immense support to all those suffering from it.
Believe me it works.
YEs, I have great relief beside it. Bowenwork also works well for sinus issues

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