Any well-mannered unconscious remedies for bug bites?

Always keep chamomile tea handy. Brew tea and apply to cloth later clease bug bites. It's an immediate releif and uncomplicated. To avoid getting them, purchase some witch hazel, add 1 tbsp lemon liquid, a pinch of salt and apply to exposed areas. It smells nice too and it costs smaller quantity than $1 in the USA.
If they're itchy, mop them using a Qtip and ammonia. Ammonia is the active ingredient within "Afterbite". Stops the itch almost immediately but for far smaller amount $$.
Baking soda compress usually works. Also, try a tad of ammonia on a cotton swab for those pesky skeeter bites and horsefly bites. Takes the itch away fast.
Soothing bug bites? Distilled Vinegar
Yes, try rubbing toothpaste on it.
Take odorless garlic. Bugs won't bite you. For the bites you already hold, put toothpaste on them.

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