Do you hold giant cholesterol, what do you currently do to treat it? Searching for a better alternative.?

I was put on Vytorin and after taking it for 2 months i experienced dizziness. I stopped taking it, presently doc is reccomending crestor. I am not a big fan of drugs, and am looking for a more instinctive alternative to meds. The vytorin brought my numbers down to normal but departed me very dizzy and disoriented at times. Worried give or take a few the long term affects of these so call statins as well. Any info you can grant would be appreciated. I had ct scan to be paid sure their were no underlying probs. All checked out correct, and i am finally feeling better after individual off the med for a month. The doc said 7to 10 days for it to be out of your system but i disagree on that. For me it took longer to set off to feel similar to myself again. Well, any info you can offer will be appreciated. Thanks :)

I'd seriously check our This guy Dr. Mercola is adjectives about recuperative yourself naturally and organically. I know for sure near are articles on his site dealing specifically with soaring cholesterol.

I mention Dr. Mercola because he reminds me of my grandmother. She believes that the right combinations of food can cure cancer, and I believe her. She spends hours a day reading different publications and congregation information. I can't have you phone call my grandma, but I know she'd have a really excellent answer. So I'm sending you to Dr. Mercola; he's the subsequent best thing.

Good luck!

p.s. my grandmother is 79 and full-bodied as a horse. She hardly ever go to a doctor (only for things like injuries). Grandma qualified me about things approaching slow-burning carbs and green leafy vegetables, healthy fat, trans fats, etc wager on in the rash 80's, before nation like Atkins and South Beach and the FDA get involved. I know she'd promote whole (not quick) oatmeal, fresh garlic, and olive grease,.
I heard that substituting avocado for other soaked fats contained by your diet (like butter) can help to significantly lower one's cholesterol.
I don't believe contained by medication.
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I'm only 18, so I havent hit any cholesterol problems even so or anything I know of -- BUT id love to help out you!

here is a website on where they enjoy an ENTIRE section dyed-in-the-wool to people near high cholesterol and give answers to most questions.

honourable luck!
There are some studies that show eating oatmeal day by day actually help remove cholesterol from the body. Also, most people don't close to to hear this, but exercise also helps lower it, along near a low fat diet.
Lipitor is by far the best drug for cholesterol control. It help cleanse the arteries as well. I've be on it for 2 years now and I've have no side effects!

For the natural approach, when I be on the Atkins diet I had remarkable results as resourcefully. High protein, low or no carbohydrates, that means no pasta, potatoes or other starchy foods.

Finding the right medication make the rest of your world much better and easier to manage.
I without a doubt agree with you as far as the drugs are concerned. I'm not a enthusiast of them either. I mostly do not trust Rx drugs even if they are prescribed by a doctor. They certainly aren't the ones suffering when we see the imperative suit claim commercials on television roughly certain drugs. They don't concern what happens if nearby happens to be a take back. They are making good money. I'm not suggesting that you stop taking your drug as some people do necessitate this to survive. That is a choice you obviously hold to make on your own. You'll merely have to palpably weigh out the odds and the risks both ways. However, I hold heard that taking a Fish Oil Supplement can comfort. You can check with your doctor or local robustness food store on this and other possible options. I don't enjoy high cholesterol but it does run within my family. Therefore, I'm trying to prevent this contained by my future. I would suggest that you check near your doctor on the fish oil. I nick Rexall Maximum Strength Fish Oil 1200 mg with EPA and DHA. It can be purchased at Wal-Mart. I'm sorry, as I know this be a long answer. I hope it helps. Ask something like other supplements as well. Take fastidiousness and Good Luck.
excercising and cutting final on cholesterol in your diet are by far the best ways. some individuals just hold high cholesterol and they cant do anything roughly speaking it.if it is really really high you will probably finish up having to use a statin

i estimate there is evidence (im not positive i havent looked into it deeply) that plant sterols and policasanol (there is a small amount within in 1 a light of day cholesterol smart vitamins) are supposed to work some as far as natural stuff go, but they wont give you fundamental the results of crestor or vytorin. and like the other guy said fish grease might help too. if you want to go to that route gross sure to ask you talk it over next to your doc first to make sure products resembling those are ok for you.
Red rice yeast works best, comes in a medication form, buy it at a health food store
The woman at my work swears oatmeal help. It tastes better beside milk with reduced chubby in your covering. Eat garlic raw. Exercise help too. Good luck, man!
Take a look at It may help beside your cholesterol and will not have any side affects since it is an adjectives natural dietary supplement.
Fiber fiber fiber...Fiber truly attatches itself to the cholesterol in your body and carry out through your GI tract. Nature's Own makes double fiber wheat bread, try fiber one cereal, oatmeal, brown rice, unbroken wheat pasta noodles, couscous, whole pellet crackers.

Also exercise always help. Walk around your block after your fiber-filled dinner.
Green Tea, replace all sofa drinks next to it. Green tea converts the fat into metabolism and for strength. It does contain caffeine, but it's part of it's crude components, so it's not as harm full to you approaching a sofa drink that is chemically made. Eat oatmeal, Cheerios, Herring fish, oysters, sardines, filch evening primrose and Omega-3 fish oil.
Learn adjectives you can about EFA's (Essential Fatty Acids), check out
My friend owns and she make a cholesterol lower tea that you can drink everyday. I don't have my pouch here to read off the herb in it, but walk to her contact page and she can tell you adjectives about it. I lately know it works and I can pronounce everyone of the herbs and i of late don't have it here next to me.
There is a lot of controversy around this subject because big cholesterol is NOT a disease but is only a possible symptom that something else may not be well brought-up. In fact several of the top cholesterol-lowering drugs be removed from the market because they be proven to actually clear you sicker through muscle wasting and kidney damage.

Read accounts "Selling Sickness" and "The Cholesterol Myths" for specific citations where even the American Heart Association no longer endorses lowering cholesterol as a resources of reducing heart attack risk and even shows that it is not even an accurate predictor of heart attacks.

In 2000, the standards for "high cholesterol" be lowered which added 30 million Americans to the potential market for the multi billion dollar cholesterol-lowering drug marketing.

Look into ways of on an upward curve your health. Avoid processed foods, cultivated sugars, artificial sweeteners and you may find that just the increase of liver health will make happen your liver to correctly regulate your cholesterol levels as it is designed to do. An increase surrounded by dietary fiber will also help to sweep excess cholesterol from the body.
Hi, these tips to remember:

Do your exercises regularly to hang on to your heart healthy. It also help in burning out the excess fleshy you have be carrying around.

Avoid trans fatty acids like French fries, cookies, cake and many other fried express foods.

Consume fewer carbohydrates by avoiding sugar, flour, potatoes and white rice. Avoid food which contains too much cholesterol resembling egg yolk, liver, kidney, brain etc. Stop smoking, it increases HDL levels by seven points.
Also look article:
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