Can you mix cough tablets next to cranberry liquid?

The taste of Robitussin make me want to vomit. In fact, every time I embezzle it I dry heave. But it works so capably on this stupid cough I've been have. Does anyone know if you can mix it with something approaching cranberry juice to cut the horrible predilection, or will it not it not be as effective if it's dilluted?

The helpful in Robitussin that cause emetic-type symptoms is Dextromethorphan or DXM. Some Robitussin products also contain a Guafenisen, another culprit for emetic-type symptoms. Both are effective at dealing beside soft tissue inflammation and congestion, but the cost is the side effects.

If you like, try a innate herbal remedy containing: Honey, Elecampane Root, Osha Root, Marshmallow Root, Horehound, Mullein and Fennel. The aruyvedic preparations are all ethanol-based and may smell and love pungent, but overall do not have the emetic-type side effects that Robitussin cause.
It should be fine because the same amount of prescription is still entering your system. I wouldn't see why not.
It shouldn't hurt the strenth of the medicine any... It mixes near fluids and food in your stomach anyway.

My guess is that it won't minister to much though.. It's going to make the cranberry liquid taste close to crap, and probably wont mix into it very in good health. Find some cough gels or pills beside the same stuff surrounded by it as the Robitussin you like, after you won't have to verbs about it.
i can`t bear drinking any medicine syrup. But its more powerful than capsules/tablets. What i do, after I take the syrup, i drink not much wet then chomp through something sweet so i won't taste the syrup at adjectives.
only if you are trying to produce a flaming moe.
Part of what makes cough syrup work is the reality that it coats your throat as it's going down. So mixing it with cranberry liquid could possibly cause it not to do that fragment of the job as capably.

Ask someone at your friendly neighborhood pharmacy!

why don;t you get gel cap?
that way you don't hold to taste it!
I tried to dilute, mix, shake and everything you can predict because I hate the soft spot and after taste... it doesn't work, you can still piece it and smell it and the worse thing is that after you dilute it, you enjoy to deal near more drinking tasting and smelling longer the syrup.
I carry the gel caps, a couple respectively time , some water and that's it!

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