Childhood constipation?

my five year old daughter is constipated and to donate to my woes she's autistic,, any ideas on how to take her to function ? please . we have tried frsh liquid, oranges,grapes,,she wont do prune juice (hates the stuff near a passion)and now be all outta planning .. someone help .. please!!!

I second adjectives the fruit juice tips - also a weetabix-type cereal (if she's not allergic!)
Make sure she get plenty of exercise as well.
And glycerin suppositories - as a sudden bowel emptier (they work in 10-30 mins) and, if this is a long-term problem, as a regime to return with her back into the mannerism of `doing a smelly' regularly.
have you given her a huge glass of red juice - the one next to the bits in?
how long have she been constipated?
Also - rob her for a good bearing - exercise and orange liquid ususally do the trick.
Use a fiber supplement like benfiber that you can append to her food or drinks. Also be sure the bread you feed her is 100% integral GRAIN bread. You can also try using miralax which is now available over the counter.
Oatmeal, steamed broccoli, together grain cereal. You call for to get her to put away whatever fiber packed foods that she likes. Try to draw from her to drink either reheat milk or herbal tea also. Also try the flavored whole prunes by Sunmaid. They are really delectable, she might really like them. They own lemon & orange flavors to them.
Hi, my daughter have suffered with chronic constipation since she be very small. I enjoy tried everything, a healthy illustrious fibre diet, every pills prescibed by the doctor, lactose etc.From age 6 she regularly had suppositories and enema's Nothing ever worked she become so sick and was within so much pain that she have to have a emergency operation to clear her bowels.

Since later she has enhanced but still only go once or twice a week. I would suggest trying senokot granules or picolax if it's a while since your daughter go. Picolax will only be prescribed by a doctor as it's a bowel cleanser which society use before a bowel op.

I really grasp what you and your child are going through, I wish you both the best of luck. Please email me if you entail any more help. 12 years experience next to a child who suffers terribly beside constipation.
Aren't there children's laxatives on the open market? I don't know, just asking.
my cousin is also autistic and used to be constipated.afford her Flax Seed Oil, you can eith give it to her within her juice or food.similar to one table spoon will do the trick, i swear your gonna be amazed
try giving her some chocolate i had equal problem with my daughter she be about two later everytime she was abit consipated i give her chocolate and it realy worked if this doesnt help hold her to see your gp
give her blueberries they really spawn you go. receive her to drink a LOT of water and if she won't drink prune JUICE than try regular prunes i ate them when i be little
Lots of fiber and maybe cut out some dairy products approaching cheese
add yogurt .Pineapple and the skin of apples may serve also pectin is good for digestion.Enzymes surrounded by papaya and pineapples are very pious for that..Activia yogurt and acidophiles... Green teas hot or cold are very angelic but don't be quick to make the addition of sugar if you have to sweeten it use honest raw honey or stevia.Oat bran cereal ...

I enjoy 2 autistic children and one of them had the differing trouble for a while. Have you been watching the communication about the association between autism and immunizations given over the recent past 15 years ..I find it quite interesting and somewhat me if you would close to I know how it is to have special requests kids I have 3 out of 5 ..
Go to your GP and see your robustness visitor. Your vigour visitor may know how to show you a simple massage technique to serve with constipation and obviously your GP may be able to grant you something mild she can take to verbs the stools such as lactulose.
glycerin suppositories!
work like a charm for kids.
catch flax is great for constipation, prepare flax cookies, cakes and drink, taste good!
Try these: 1) Give her warm barley malt by the spoonful. It's used in hospital beneath the name Malt Soupex and Maltex to alleviate constipation. You can procure it in any healthfood store for below $5.00. It's a wholegrain syrup made from barley and is also known as barley malt. 2) Give her dried fruits as a snack, preferably soaked first. 3) Give her a sun and moon belly pat. As she lays on her back surrounded by front of you, massage her belly humanely, but firmly, in a clockwise position from the lower gone quadrant near her groin (7 o'clock or so) up (this is her Ascending Colon), and adjectives around and over her Transverse Colon (this is approximately at 10,11,12, 1 and 2 o'clock on her belly) and then down her right belly. (This is her Descending Colon into her Rectum.) If you find any hardened pockets or places, meekly but firmly spend extra time in these locations, trying as much as possible to work contained by a clockwise manner as economically. Do this massage everyday, for as long as she will tolerate it. I know sitting still and dealing next to new sensory input can be difficult for Autistic children, but you lose zilch by trying. 4) Make sure she's getting plenty of fluids. 5) Eliminate cheese and meat from her diet for awhile, a good long while. 6) Give her yogurt or probiotics every single hours of daylight. 7) Realize that sometimes children w/ Autism have extreme sensory integration issues. Some of them can fairly literally hold onto their stools b/c they do not like the opening it feels to defecate or to process their idle away in the regular trend. Many Autistic kids have food allergies and a heightened sensitivity to aching, so if it hurt to poop even once, they can be afraid to let jump again in scare of pain ever again. How long have she been suffering beside this? Has it always be present from infancy? Have you talked to your pediatrician give or take a few this? I once was the caregiver for for a moment boy w/ traumatic brain injury. We had to afford him a Fleet enema and stimulate him lightly next to the tip of the enema to get him to budge at all. You should definitely speak w/ your physician before you walk the enema route, however, as people can become dependent upon them to move about. Sometimes people own taken castor oil to create themselves go, but again, I would not do this w/out speaking w/ my pediatrician first.

I preference you the best! My sister has a elegant, little boy with Autism, too! He's wonderful! Many blessings.

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