Does anyone know herbal hairloss treatment that works?

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is thought to stimulate hair growth.

Rosemary essential grease
Carrier oil (sweet almond or olive oil) slightly warm

The Instructions - Add 2-5 drops of rosemary essential oil near 1 teaspoon of carrier grease of your choice, blend well. Work the oil through dampened hair and polish the scalp. Wrap your head surrounded by a warm towel and walk out on for 45 minutes to deep condition the hackle. Wash out and rinse with cool hose. Keep out of eyes.

Warning: Avoid if you are pregnant, have dignified blood pressure or epileptic.
I sure do. Its called spray on fuzz.
These are the herbs that I hold seen produce the best results contained by clinic over the last 24 years. I've see them work miracles! Combine them with a great Vitamin B supplement. It will purloin 3-6 months to reverse the underlying deficiencies that front to hair loss.

~Ganoderma lucidum-ling zhi-Reishi Mushroom

The Reishi mushroom have an unparalleled reputation in the Orient as the state-of-the-art herbal substance. For over two thousand years it has be sought-after by mountain sages and by the emperors of China. In the first Chinese herbal workbook (Shennong’s Pharmacopeia) it says that "continuous consumption of Reishi make your body light and immature, lengthens your energy and turns you into one like the immortal who never dies." Reishi be traditionally called "the mushroom of immortality."

~Polygonum multiflorum-he shou wu

In China, it is said that long-term use of this celebrated "longevity herb" helps return an aging personage to youthfulness. It strengthens the back. The literal translation of the cross is "black-haired Mr. He" refers to its ability to restore quill color and nourish the skin, pelt, teeth and nails. It is a classic essence tonic and central blood tonic that cleanses the blood.

~Psoraleae corylifolia-bu gu zhi

Used widely in Asia for premature gray fuzz and hair loss. A yang tonic strengthening Kidney and Spleen functions.

~Thallus algae-kun bu-Seaweed

Seaweed have many micronutrients & minerals basic for good vigour and beautiful curls, skin and nails.
Have you tried a Yahoo prod for "hair growth accelerants"?

Another polite search would be for "quill loss" + "growth accelerants".
Onion vinegar. Chop up large onion and cover next to apple cider vinegar, bring to boil on stove, remove and let stand overnight. Strain vinegar into measure cup to see how much vinegar is left. Now run equal amount of water and add on to onion vinegar. Massage this into scalp 20 mins prior to bathing. You can use this daily to get up up scalp and hair falicules.
Take rosemary, sage, dulse and horsetail herb too. You can buy HSN-W from or sells them too.
Or you can purchases these herb lose and fresh by the ounce from and make a grease using them and olive oil to squeeze into scalp at least 20 mins prior to bathing. It smells spicy but it have proven to work well for down growth and renewal.

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