Do ginger also kill germs?

no ginger does not kill microbes, it does however inhibit bacterial growth.
Digestive tract : Traditionally ginger has be used to treat intestinal affections, especially related with digestive problems. It seem that, by stimulating the pancreas, it increases the production of enzymes which favours digestion and avoids the appearance of a series of secondary effects related near a bad incorporation of food. Equally its antibacterial power is effective against preventing numerous intestinal problems that filch place as a result of the alteration of the intestinal flora.
*Ideal antivomiting remedy : It has be demonstrated that the ingestion of ginger is one of the best remedies to combat nausea in lots ways:
* Dizziness when travelling : A couple of pills or tablets some 3 hours before origin a trip in a ship, a bus, a vehicle, a train or an airplane can prevent the sickness that takes place because of movement (Kinetosis). For long trips, some specialists recommend to hold them a pill an hour before starting the trip and another one some hours until that time when you begin to receive dizzy. An infusion with partly a spoonful of grated root can be prepared and drunk before the trip. There are some heaps of this root available in pharmacies or herbalists than can be amazingly useful. Another possibility is to devour the root fresh, blended with other fruits and crushed near a blender. In this case a couple of centimeters of the root would combine impressively well near apples or pears.
* Vomits taken place by the chemotherapy treatment: To ingest the ginger with other foods can be a moral way to run down the vomits that the chemotherapy treatments cause surrounded by patients with cancer. In this shield one should not eat up ginger next to the stomach empty . (Because of its anticoagulant properties one should consult the doctor roughly the convenience of its use)
* Vomits in the pregnancy: Equally the ingestion of ginger seem to reduce nausea or vomits that pilfer place in the first months of pregnancy. (Infusion of partially a spoonful of dry root for a cup of water. Take a couple of cups a day) (Do not prolong the treatment more than two months. Consult the doctor almost the convenience of this treatment)
* Postoperative vomits: Ginger seems to cut the negative effects that usher medications used contained by surgery, especially the need for vomiting . This remedy must be taken in the future before an operation take place on the condition that it has be consulted consulted and approved by the doctor.
* Ulcers: Its antibacterial power is ideal to avoid the formation of ulcer by eliminating the Helicobacter pylori, a microbes whose secretions of ammonia are responsible for several ulcers, especially those of duodene, and for other stomach problems approaching gastritis. On the other hand it is a plant competent to neutralize the excess of gastric acid that is to say another of the causes that favors the formation of ulcer.
* Diarrhea: It is its capacity to exterminate harmful germs, as the Escherichia coli, responsible for most of the diarrhea, especially in children, and its tolerance to respect the prerequisite microorganisms in the intestine (Lactobacillus) which allows it to enrich the intestinal flora. By eliminate this bacteria and other unwholesome parasite microorganisms , it is able to avoid the appearance of intestinal rots responsible for abdominal swellings and meteorism. It is also requisite to mention the capacity of gingeroles within this plant to increase the intestinal peristaltism favoring the expulsion of the excrements. (Take any treatment of those previously mentioned )

Circulatory apparatus: Ginger constitutes a good resource to favor blood circulation. It help to dissolve blood clots in the arteries and diminish the level of cholesterol in blood. By making blood more fluid it help to prevent a series of vascular accidents as:
* Illnesses of the heart: Its use prevents heart attacks, angina pectoris or thrombosis. It can constitute a crude alternative to conventional treatments. (Eat it together with other foods, especially beside onion and garlic) ( Take 3 capsules of 250 mg a daytime, distributed among the main meals)
* Circulatory illnesses surrounded by the extremities: It favors a good circulation surrounded by the extremities helping or preventing circulatory problems in the extremities as intermittent claudication that cause a lot of misery in the legs or the distrustful symptoms that take place surrounded by the fingers of the hand contained by Raynaud's disease (The same treatment previously seen)
Respiratory tract : Ginger constitutes a valuable ally for respiratory tract since it help to prevent some of the illnesses that affect it:
* Against the symptoms of flu: Very useful to diminish the nasal congestion and to alleviate the pains that clutch place in the articulations as a consequence of an mound of toxins taken place by the microorganisms of flu. (Infusion of a spoonful of dry root in a chalice of water. Drink a couple of goggles a day. Add the liquid of half a lemon to increase its plus.)
* Cold: This same infusion previously seen can be devout in the event of cold to wipe out the congestion that take place surrounded by the chest as a consequence of the accumulation of mucosity. Lemon and ginger, served drastically hot, will help to expectorate a loaded chest, especially if we give them a good spoonful of honey.
* Sinusitis: Equally it can be used to slim down the nose congested by sinusitis (Use the previous remedy).

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