Colonic irrigation. any direction?

Have you ever had one?
Did you quality it was worth it as portion of a good detox?
A kineseologist advise me against it as she said it could be damaging to the colon... ie, the force of the hose.
Im just not sure. I'd similar to to try it as it sounds like a great impression, but would like to see if anyone else have experience.


I have a friend who go for one & said he felt great afterwards. Just manufacture sure you get a fully qualified one, possibly ask your doctor to recommend one?
I know people that hold done this and say it is fantastic! i reflect this is the same as rather a few alternative medicines at hand will always be adjectives opinions so you have need of to get as much info as you can consequently weigh up the pros and cons.
I would definitely do it!
i know those that have done something similar to this. They said you surface really good afterwards and that they wouldnt mind getting it done again. Hope it help!
Errr... for fun or health? I don't expect it's harmful but for populace who eat a on form balanced diet it shouldn't be called for.
Yes, I have have this done many times. You will quality like a million $ afterwards. Just look within the yellow page under COLONIC IRRIGATION. Good luck.
You hold a smart kineseologist. There is no reason that anyone should ever attain this nonsense done. They're potentially treacherous and they have no proven benefit. Just a rubbish of money.
Don't listen to the John Wayne stories, they're known to be pure BS.
Is is prearranged that "The Duke" John Wayne died with over 3 kg of fecal mass inside him.
Johnny Knowville did one of these colon irrigation, and it seem to me he kinda enjoyed have his tubes cleaned up.
It was kinda gross to see adjectives the hard feces going out through the dampen hose/machine, but I'd have one done for sure.
If you do not touch comfortable with going through the irrigation itself, you might as ably start trying with a home enema. Or you can buy the little douche at any drugstore for a local cleansing.
This is also vastly recommended if you are going to have anal sex and do not choice to have any unpleasant surprises.
For the dictation, we have no model what John Wayne had surrounded by his colon because HE WAS NEVER AUTOPSIED. Since he had be in the hospital for stomach cancer he probably have NOTHING in his colon.

Colonics are uncertain. They aren't proven to do anything and they can cause infections, electrolyte imbalance and even heart attacks.
I'm with Herbal Expert. Don't shove anything up your bum unless you've know him for a while and he's be tested! (sorry, shameless but I couldn't resist)
OK, now that I've gotten that out of my system... OK I'm lately in a mood. But really..

There are better, safer and more comfortable ways to cleanse your intestinal tract. Look into fruit liquid rituals etc. they seem to be fundamentally effective.

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