Can Electroacupuncture upgrade or worsen disc disease?

hello guys my mother who is 80 is suffering from sciatica and disc pain cause by an acciden, i want to know if Electroacupuncture can worsen or improve her condition? thx for any guidance

It will not cure her condition, nor will any other treatment known. It is relatively non-hazardous and combined with placid manual technique such as reflex techniques on the muscles subsequent to the spine, appropriate counseling concerning activities of each day living ie sitting, standing, self care etc, and maybe most importantly, a willingness to do what the doctor say, she may get considerable nouns. Recall that most meds for pain may hold serious detrimental effects on cognition or bleeding in the elderly. The elderly frequently own other conditions that complicate matters.

If she is deem too fragile by the practioner, NOT her family Dr who may be totally clueless concerning alternatives including safekeeping. See a Chiropractor that is family unit oriented near advanced certification surrounded by acupuncture to effectively merge the above skill package.
one of the best ways of treating pains is electro acu. the prime problem is the capability of the acupuncturist
I pinch acupuncture for my back distress on a weekly BASIC and it does help not just does it help RELIEF not cure the agony i also feel better surrounded by general and not competent to get out much ..its would be a nice enhancement to her life. to run and see new associates and a friendly face respectively week.

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