Alternative medicine for okay anyone?

I know the question give the impression of being broad, but if there's really a "cure" for being very well, it would be breaking news on CNN. But anyway, I do whip multi-vitamins, fish oil/flax seed grease, and I do exercise. Maybe it's just enthusiasm that's bringing me down or the negative ethnic group around me. Who knows. But any "new" things out near that I can take or do to become "well"?

I don't know of anything "new", but as an herbalist for 24 years and an licensed acupuncturist, I own been a big proponant of Tonic Herbs. They are in reality a very ancient remedy. They enjoy helped my patient's overall "wellness" more than anything else.

In Chinese pills there is a classification of herb, called tonics. These tonic herb are superfoods that strengthen the body and promote a long, healthy, vibrant existence. They can be taken over a long period of time short any side effects, and support the Three Treasures (Shen, Qi, and Jing).

One of the first Chinese manuals on pharmacology, The Devine Farmers Materia Medica be written by The Taoist master, alchemist and pharmacologist Tao Hongjing who was born surrounded by 456. He was also credited next to the development of hasty grain cultivation and practiced below the imperial patronage of Emperor Wu of the Liang dynasty.

Tao Hongjing artfully divided herbs into three category; the first were the Superior herb, or immortal herbs (what we very soon call Tonic herbs), that be used over a long period of time to strengthen the body and to prevent disease and deterioration. The second be medicinal, or general herb, used to correct imbalance within the body and to rectify disease patterns. The third classification be inferior, or toxic herbs that have very strong movements on the body and could only be used for short period.

There are only a handful of Western herb that can truly be classified as Tonic herbs. Most Western herb, like Echinacea and goldenseal, are standard herbs that are used to correct imbalance in the body. In Chinese herbalism, here is a plethora of Tonic herbs that own been used as Superior herb for thousands of years. They have an incredible empirical track dictation of helping to prevent coronary disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, liver disease, digestive disorders and so on. These are impossible to tell apart chronic health issues that Western tablets has not be able to address amply and that many of us struggle next to as we age. We must often resort to pharmaceutical medication that, at best, only slow the progression of these diseases, and at worst, create hot, serious medical complications.

Here are some of my favorite Tonic Herbs:
Gynostemma pentaphyllum- jiao gu lan
Polygonum multiflorum-he shou wu
Ganoderma lucidum-ling zhi-Reishi Mushroom
Try SAM-e or 5-htp. As a back up you can try St. John's Wort.
I agree near Sandstorm:


St. John's wort


Try one or a combination if the one doesn't do it.

Do some research on the human Shakra...

It explains about the human dash system and where the power of thought can own physical impact on the body...

It teaches just about self and explains about archetypes...

It is also believed the body can become severely power full naturally and contained by turn be healthy and comfortable.

Check it out...
lifestyle is number one.moderation is the key.stay away from refusal energies like gloomy people.other be happy and be appreciative to God,the creator.

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