Can someone record some foods that perform as organic diuretics?

I know that celery is one food, can you suggest some others? This is a serious question, as I involve help due to my heart condition, etc. Thanks!

cranberries & cranberry liquid

fruits and veggies that are high surrounded by water, such as cucumbers & watermelon

anything beside caffeine

apple cider vinegar; this also contains potassium, which tends to be lost when excess gooey is excreted from the body [if you're wondering how to get it down - put 2 T within an inch or two of water and make a payment one packet of sweetener, stir, and try to down it in one gulp; this will aid digestion and support with brio bladder problems too - just depends on how desperate you are, haha]
Tis the season for watermelon.
apple liquid

sure there are more.
Anything beside caffeine. Caffeine is a menthylated xanthine and a diuretic. Additionally, alcoholic beverages suppress the antidiuretic hormone secreted by the pituitary gland. That is why peope urinate so much when they drink beer.
Coffee (Decaf since you have a heart condition)
Tea (see above)
grapefruit and grapefruit liquid
lemons and lemonade
water, dampen, and more water
asparagus. i can't believe that someone have not wrote this to you already. that is the truth. however watermelon is ok but is not classified as a untaught diuretic. the best of luck to you.
Get one of those two-liter bottles of soda.

Dump out the soda.

Fill it with river.

Add lemon juice.

Drink! :P Lemon liquid is a natural diuretic, and combined beside lots of water, it should seriously backing with things.
Some well brought-up answers but with a heart condition you should not partake surrounded by those with caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant and can manufacture your heart work harder. A low carb diet may also be benificial-carbs hold water. Keep it low tubby tho.
some ones that I use and work well are thompson seedless grapes and parsley...and hawthorn berry is flawless for the heart...I use it too... has a diuretic sea pill with potassium

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