Can I take Calcium Citrate if I am intolerant to citric acid?

The girl who works in the vitamin department at the store where I bought my vitamins said that "citrate" in the Calcium Citrate just means that the calcium came from a plant source unlike Calcium Carbonate. She said that a citric acid "allergy" shouldn't be a problem. I looked it up, and citrate is the "salt or ester of citric acid". Will I have the problems taking it as I do when I eat something containing citric acid? Thanks!

Your vitamin girl is a moron. They put the calcium together with citric acid because it is a well absorbed form of calcium. You will be getting a heaping dose of citric acid if you take it, and YES you will react to it. I have known of other people who could not take it. Try some other form of calcium like calcium lactate.

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