Around what % of questions do you have to get right to pass massage therapy nationals?

i know that everything says that it's graded on a scale or something... but... does anyone have the slightest idea around the percentage of correct questions (80% or 10% just the broad idea) you have to get to have a passing score?
on my practice tests i've been getting any where from 65% (before i started studying) to 85%... do you think that i'll pass?
i have 2 more days of studying ahead of me...
thanks in advanced!!

I teach A&P at a massage school. The questions are indeed weighted as are all board exams. You will need a min score of 70% in order to pass. I can tell you that about 40% of the test is A&P material so study that hard. Your board website has a breakdown of the actual test. Good Luck.

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