Answer immediately please -anaesthesia?

Going under anaesthesia Tommorow for eye surgery and im nervouse give or take a few the anaesthesia I been below it twice in yesteryear 2 years Is there a lower risk of me have complications with it? or me have higher complications next to it? The surgery is very short does that own anything to do with it?

Anesthesia is immensely safe. You can ask the doc what chemicals he uses... but you won't enjoy time to look it up on the Web.

Current meds are safe and quick, with nippy recovery.

BTW, speak to the Doc, before surgery. If you are calmed and comforted, the job is much easier for the Doc.
The most adjectives life threatening hypersensitivity is called malignant hyperthermia. The body temp go extremely high within reaction to the meds. This is fundamentally, very infrequent and the fact that you've be anesthetized without complications is almost a sure bet you'll enjoy none this time around. Thousands, if not millions, of ancestors worldwide undergo surgeries respectively day lacking problems.

While it's common to fret when you're put into a situation where on earth someone else is in control, I assure you that you'll be fine. Relax and visualize tomorrow evening when you'll quality relieved it's over and done with. You'll be fine :-D

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