Do you reflect that Laughter have the power to boost the human immune system and strengthen the heart?

researchers have found that glee helps your immune system argument invading viruses and cancer. It lowers blood levels of the stress hormone cortisol and can lower your blood pressure and terminate heart strain.

One study found people who survived a heart attack could cut the risk of a second heart attack by 20 percent only by enjoying 30 minutes of comedy a morning.

Other research shows laughter help the cardiovascular system by giving the heart and lungs an aerobic workout and can reduce stress by helping to relax muscles.

Hospitals own found that therapeutic humor stimulates the release of endorphins, the body's own niggle relievers, and can decrease the average hospital stay by two days!
without doubt.
its all contained by your head
Yes I believe it produces a hormone that promotes medicinal. When you are stressed it usually produces something that turns into cancer.
Definitely! and it's been medically proven,,it releases endorphins that assist the immune system, which helps protect the heart.
yes! Laughing make you feel pious plus its a natural cramp reliever because your body then releases endorphins! Hey did you read the Secret? They enjoy information in at hand about delight and diseases.
Yes, it is medically proven that it takes on a placebo effect. Laughter is pills and helps relieve stress. When a body is stressed it weaken your immune system and lowers your body PH balance which allows disease to whip over. Laugh away!!

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