Does anyone lift acidophilus everyday?

I know acidophilus is good when you are taking antibiotics to aid prevent diarrhea. Or some people lug when traveling. I was wondering if anyone took it everyday close to a vitamin to help/aid in digestive? Would it be devoted or harmful beside everday use? Thanks for any info in credit!

The only problem you would ever hold from taking too much of it is that it would "close you up", making any bowel movements harder, or making you more constipated.

I have a medical condition---too much yeast contained by intestines--and I HAVE to take greatly of accidophilus daily, if truth be told a few times daily, to maintain myself "whole", meaning to keep hold of myself from having diahrea. So most inhabitants will get by near the simple one or two tablets daily to MAINTAIN a common balance.

While in that are more expensive formulas or bottles that have an assortment of acidophilus in respectively capsule or tablet, I find that plain and cheap Walmart does great for me, contained by fact it works better for me that the expensive brands, but that might be because I whip so much.

If you drink lots of pop, then you'd inevitability extra acidophilus because white sugar does kill sour the bacteria. The carbonation and sour in cokes probably doesn't help out either.

But it's a great innate aid to eating and digestion, which is extremely simple and assured to keep beside you for any problems or need.

Acidophilus is also the first queue of defense in the intestinal immune system. The correct bacteria are the first things to concordat with any germs or impossible bacteria that enter by the mouth or food. So if your set off of good germs is off or low, after the germs have better arbitrariness of growing in the intestines and getting into the rest of the body.
Yep, I drink sweet acidophilus milk and do believe it is benificial. Never have any problems.

Here is a good article for you to review.
Unless you're immuno-compromised (you hold AIDS or another serious condition) there's no evidence that "good" bacteria are deadly, even if you take them every morning.
My naturopath, alternative doctor, has me taking it each day, it is safe and remarkably helpful. I am seeing her for digestive problems due to Lyme and a digestive disease. I also pocket enzymes.

For prescription quality supplements this is where on earth I buy them when I'm in between doctor visit:
Call them to place your order, their number is at the top of the page. My later purchase with them be for UltraClear Sustain, you might want to look that up and read about it.

my 3 year mature daughter used to throw up every day.

i walk to doctor , doctor said some kids do that , just approaching this.

i wasn't satisfied next to her answer. so i started to give her acidophilus everyday 2 times a daylight.for 1 week.

she does not have any throw up problem any more.

presently i can say i can`t bear doctor.

i bought all my essential grease and acidophilus from
It's totally safe. I have a laundry list of problems and approaching another poster, was prescribed a bunch of I started reading up on things myself. And when I be at the store purchasing my acidophilus, a guy said...'I haven't been sick once since I started taking that day by wife too!"

My new doc (an ND) prescribed it for me for digestive issues.2 at respectively meal. And I rob the super charged ones... over 12 billion per day. Here's the brand I doc say it's high feature (he replaces with this brand when his own sign is out!) and I can get it at most grocery stores or robustness food places in my town (not expensive either).

Loved seeing what the other poster said in the region of child throwing up...and acidop. stopped it. Verrrrry coool.

GOOD LUCK!! :) (by the way...I haven't be sick since I started taking it either!! People at work can drop approaching flies around me when a cold/flu comes.and I am still trucking along. Before taking it...I easily have 2 sick days per month!)
Oh Yeah! It's a must! It is fabulous for anything from vomiting to upset stomach to heartburn. I use pure Acidophilus...I am excited you are considering using it!
I started taking Acidophilus due to the fact that I have digestive issues and reoccuring yeast infections... and the results have be Great they have help... with the digestion and near my other problem...
I hope the acidophlius helps you!
i help yourself to them everyday with a few other enzymes too

nature biotics INGREDIENTS:

Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bifidobacterium Bifidum, Bacillus Lichenformis, Bacillus Subtilis, Lactobacillus Lactis, Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, Proprietary Formula of SBOs (Soil Based Organisms) symbiotically blended in a host surrounding substance of over 71 minerals and trace elements.

i take them they haven't given me any trouble at adjectives i actually lost my horrible tummy ache i used to get.

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