DIY Cast Removal?

I broke my leg 6 1/2 weeks ago and it's ready to come out of its die. I'd love to get it taken sour by a pro, but that involves multiple trips to various clinics (all for a 1 min procedure), and I don't hold a car... It's a poor excuse but I'm getting impatient, and beside my do-it-yourself ethic, I'd love to, well, do it myself (or at lowest possible entertain the idea). I full economically know it's a bad view, so with adjectives would-be words of warning aside, what might be some practical advocate for safely removing a make?

The saw that they use is a special one that vibrates from side to side instead of within a circular motion like most power saw. This way, it won't cut your skin if it comes within contact with it. I took a stereotype off my arm one time next to a hacksaw and it worked real in good health. I had to be existing careful not to cut myself as the skin beneath the cast is numb and won't permit you know if you are cutting it.
One website ( recommend soaking it in heat vinegar-water to disolve it.
I used a pair of tin snips and merely cut it off.
For starters don't touch it! Have someone pinch you to a doctor have them remove it; if you remove it you could risk adjectives yourself or infection sets up in it.
Remember the first point they told you when they put the cast on. "Try not to procure it wet". Why? Because it will soften the plaster and reduce it therefore rendering it useless. Try reheat water and undercut it from side to side and splitting both sides apart, preferably using a friend. Warning: It will stink like hell, so formulate sure its a really good friend that won't mind.

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