Can you become addicted to melatonin 300mg dark time sleep aid?

I took one of these and slept like a babe-in-arms.

I dont believe so...this site is may wish to hold a look. I have unforgivable insomnia from epilepsy and I am going to go and buy some in a minute! lol
sweet dreams :-)
you can get addicted to any medicine-----if you agree to yourself...and when it does its job economically, we would like to hold on to using it----BUT DON'T---PLEASE NO MEDICINE OF ANY KIND IS WORTH THE RISK OF TAKING IT ALL THE TIME----once in a blue moon is fine for some because our bodies update us when we need more rest-----try one cup of hot dampen, slice up ginger cloves and add HONEY for taste---1 tablespoon of honey will enjoy me sleeping like a kid within an hour...stay bad all medication as much as possible progress to natural cures...on the pattern

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