At what age to you hold to attain the contemporary hepatitis shot?

Does The three shots hurt? I am really nervous something like shots, what age do you you have to bring it...Please help!

the shots dont really hurt, but i am not sure more or less the age
DO NOT get this inoculation.!It is still in the trial stages. It also singular MAY help to prevent 2-4 strains of hundreds! It does NOT prevent ANY THING! It also contains trace amounts of mercury. DO NOT inject this contained by your body. I wouldn't give it to my dog.. Have protected sex and enjoy regular pap smears. Cervical cancer has be on the decline in the concluding 10 years. Please do more research on the risks before you ever inject yourself beside anything. Doctors are not always right. Trust your gut... If you are afraid, you should be, and you are right.

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