Any reliable and effective therapeutic floor lamps to recommend me?

I suffer from depression and other things that goes with it, etc.


I am not sure what floor lamps and depression have to do with each other, but crystal salt lamps could be described as therapeutic. The idea is that when they are lit - the more expensive ones are wired with a light bulb, the cheaper ones are hollowed out for a candle to be burned within- they send out negative ions which have a therapeutic effect on the suurounding atmosphere. When you are stressed your ions are +vley charged, to de-stress they should be -vely charged, which is what crystal salt lamps help with. Or you could try using an aromatherapy burner and choose oils that are uplifting.

For more info on the lamps google them.

For the depression there are a lot of good natural ways to help with that, here's one link ...

and remember a problem shared is a problem halved.

Good Luck!

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