What will engineer my scar fade??

I was a self harmer for 7 years and i hold got comparatively bad scar on various parts of my body. I own stopped for a while now (have some hic ups once contained by a while). They are fadeing but very slowly and they look horrible. i be wondering if any one had any belief of any creams or anything that would work that would help receive them fade faster.

First of all , I would suggest , that you operation with the cause of your self harm, by seeking give support to.

I have browsed the pattern and this seems to be one of the better sites, dealing next to Self Harm , from the good outdated trusted , BBC.


If you want more advice on this.a moment ago Google in "Self harm help"..and you will get lots of reference.

Again after browsing the web.I found this reality filled suggestion sheet, hope this helps !

This be obtained by Googling contained by "Concealing Scars"..and there is plenty of help out there if you want it !


A blotch disfigures the skin, and often the psyche of the individual obligated to live next to it. But advances within personal care presently make it pretty easy to conceal the severity of your defacement.


Difficulty: Moderate


1 Step One

Consider your options. The best include an intense waterproof concealing cream or skin adhesive.

2 Step Two

Match the color of your skin as closely as possible. Consider blending two colored creams to get the best color game possible.

3 Step Three

Start with verbs, dry skin.

4 Step Four

Apply cream by filling within any recessions. Blend cream to outer edges of the defect, going just beyond to the edges of your skin.

5 Step Five

Set beside powder. Place a small amount of loose or pressed powder on a cotton ball or cosmetic puff and press benignly over the area.

6 Step Six

Alternatively, cut strips of concealing cartridge that match the shape of your defacement. Made of a very sinewy and flesh-like material, the video is designed to blend right into the surface of your skin.

7 Step Seven

Keep hair and clothing away from veiled scar so they won't rub against the concealer.

Tips & Warnings

Consult representatives of skin-care companies for more information in the order of their products and if they would be right for you.

Free samples are usually an leeway, and complimentary in-store applications are offered so you can see firsthand what the product can do.

Regular applications of vitamin E have shown excellent results contained by diminishing scars.
Always protect skin from sunlight next to an SPF of 15 or higher.

Sunlight on scar and surrounding skin can sometimes cause evident color differences between the two areas.
Aloe Vera has really apposite properties for fading scar
You could try to find aloe vera gel(natural) You take the gel of a give of aloe and rub it on the scars, be lenient and it will work. Make some searches on aloe vera and you ll see the miracles it does.
Some TLC.
Ask at your local chemist or alterative robustness shop they will suggest best product.
Maderma is a scar remover.I be a sign of it reduces their look and grain. it's over the counter

I dont know about faster, but aloe vera, A&D salve works good too.
Try unprocessed cocoa butter, not just cocoa butter lotion but the pure stuff...it works great on scar
Homeopathic Beauty tips (Medicines to improve Complexion/Glow/Scars) :- (READ CAREFULLY)

For dry and rough skin. Aversion to purloin bath; scratch of the effected lesion Sulphur 30(3 Doses) or 200 (6 Doses), weekly

Pain after scratching near rough and dry skin. Patient likes cold climate Psorinum 200 or 1M weekly (3 Doses)

Dark circles around eyes due to shock or grief Natrum Mur 200 or 1M weekly (3 Doses)

Eyes sunken and obverse pale due to loss of central fluids China 6X or 30, 4 hourly

Saddle like brownish complexion of antenna and cheeks. Yellow spots on chest.sallow look Sepia 200 weekly (3 Doses)

Dark circle around the eyes due to restless weakness or prolonged twitchy tension Phosphorus 200 weekly (3 Doses)

For blackish spots; dry, rough, peeling skin; burning sensation. Restlessness Arsenic Album 30, 4 hourly

Bluish, purple spots, face drawn, jaundiced. patient cannot tolerate pressure of even clothes around throat, belly and waist Lachesis 30 or 200, weekly (3 Doses)

Complexion yellow due to anaemia Ferrum Met 3X ,4 hourly

Face deathly ashen with blue rings around the eyes Bismuth 200, weekly (3 Doses)

Warts, epithelioma; frickles and blotches; brownish spots Thuja Occ 200 weekly, (6 Doses)

Face pimply, dry, rough, rough skin; to clean the complexion Berberis Aq Q(Mother Tincture) 4 hourly,4-5 drops

To dissolve defacement tissue Thiosinaminum 3X, 4 hourly

Old burn or injury marks; bleeds confidently; warts Causticum 30 or 200, 6 hourly.

No Side Effects or Complications 100% Relief. Take the remedy which is similar to your symptoms. No side effects or complications if taken as directed, please do not exceed the given dosage and lower than any circumstances do not try to mix any remedies and avoid Chocolates, Mints, Coffee, Red Meat, Alcoholic and Carbonated drinks, Spicy Rich Food while taking any Homeopathic remedies, and keep the medicine away from direct sunlight, heat strong smells and perfume and do not store them in the fridge.
Curing lacking any side effects or Complications Thats the Beauty of Homeopathic Medicine (Cures Par Excellence)

Take Care and God Bless You !
I have honey is hugely good for this (put honey on the scar, leave over darkness & perhaps wrap near tsth) for at least a week.

Otherwise, there's an grease from the Andes called Rosa Mosqueta Oil, which is in good health knwon for treating scars (please see interconnect below), it hs been within the Sunday Times & mail on Sunday.

I hope this help, & I hope the scars restore to health soon...please don't self-harm anymore!

The medicine and health information post by website user , ByeDR.com not guarantee correctness , is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for any medical conditions.

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