Natural Deodorant and Antiperspirant?

I currently use the old spice redzone deodorant beside anti perspriant. I just knowledgeable that most anti persprants are bad for you because they contain aluminum zichronium which is a risk factor to alzhhimers. I really necessitate to use a strong anti persprant because i sweat a lot and smell :( surrounded by fact the frail spice one is the only one that works for me. Does anyone know of any inbred brand anti persprant and deodorants that i could use or any that dont contain aluminum? im having a firm time finding any without aluminum...

I hold two suggestions:

1) Tom's LONG LASTING Roll On
2) Lavilin Deodorant
(found on

Tom's gets you through the afternoon and Lavilin lasts a few days - even through showers.
PERSPIRATION have no order what you are smelling is microbes, if I was really concerned going on for using a anti-persprant I would use none I would how ever use Dial soap and scrub my self really good in the past leaving the house and I might even filch another shower when I came home. To answer the unasked interrogate, "Why Dial?" Two reasons the first is that it is anti-bacterial, and the second, it is matching as surgical soap but with a fragrance added.
If you want an external deodorant try deodorising talc.

If you want an internal deodorant try chlorophyll.

Yahoo search for "deodorising talc" and chlorophyll + deodorant (OR deodorise) should tell you much more.
The problem beside using anti-bacterial soaps all the time is that the germs which isn't killed, afterwards flourishes, grows even better because all other bacterias are kill off. So later you've got microbes which can't be killed.
Admittedly, that's a long shot of such resistant germs being destructive. But it's a process which has made most of our pennicillans and drugs completely useless, because the bacterias which wouldn't die from them get even stronger.

It's extremely hard to contract wtih underarm odor without the aluminum compounds. I've tried some herbal deodorants, and while they're "nice" for a while, any fully clad physical activity, and they don't hold up. You might travel to a local health food store and look at some of them. I even tried some of Arm & Hammer brands beside their baking soda, but had same results of predetermined success. That's why they've gotten rid of those brands for the aluminum formulas.

There is a specific condition food or natural product which targest specifically the microbes on your underarm. It is called Mitchell's or Mitchem's, something approaching that. It's does indeed kill the microbes which does cause the odor. But does really nothing for wetness, won't hold on to you dry, if you sweat. So just can't win.

I myself would to some extent go unconscious, but have resigned that using ordinary aluminum deodorants is a part of modern existence. Be thankful that we own such compounds, even tho' of the scare of it putting too much aluminum contained by our bodies. Imagine a hundred years ago, our great grandparents didn't have such deodorants, and they lived full lives, AND made the world a better place!!

But, no.I wouldn't want to smell close to them either....after THEIR complicated day's work!
Powder maybe? I enjoy a friend who uses one called PiperTeraschasa... ever hear of it? It works well I guess...

Good luck!
anti perspirants contained by my experience actually manufacture you sweat more. It is a way your body can remove it. the link below have fantastic deodorant my husband switched from old spice to the mountain mint. He smells much better in a minute it's not that fake cover up smell combined near bo just minty
I used to use Old Spice because it be the only anti-perspirant that worked for me... and I sweat seriously. But, the Old Spice stained my clothes, so then I hear about Axe and switched to their Anti-perspirant/Deodorant which worked all right and didn't stain my clothes..
Anyway, then I begin Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and I'm not allowed to wear any deodorants containing alcohol, so, I go to the health food store and picked up "LAVILIN Long vivacity Deodorant". It doesn't smell all that great to me (you'd probably enjoy to see for yourself), but it's free of Aluminum and alcohol among other things and it keeps the perspiration down... and it's be hot these past few weeks.
Tom's intuitive deoderant stick or roll on. Available in herb shops
I don't close to to use antiperspirants either. You hold to realize that what you put on your skin absorbs into your body. So if you can't guzzle it don't put it on your skin. If they don't like how you smell, too discouraging!
I use Toms of Maine, Natural DEODORANT. It's NOT an antiperspirant, because you don't want to stop your body perspiring that's not natural, you just have need of to control the odor, and no matter how much you dust EVERYONE has an odor after they sweat from the underarms. unless you convey soap and towel and constantly wash yourself, but that's NOT practical. So try Toms of Maine, Natural Deodorant. ( Hmm! ) I nouns like a TV Commercial. It's great!
I read that if you dance to an herbal shop,they will sell you a appendage sized crystal. The crystal apparently contains salt and that will freshen your underarms .Wet beside water and rub beneath you armpits.
you have to lift a bath everyday in the past applying deodorant.
search innate deoderant, in the e-alert archives.
they homily about zinc.

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