Does acupuncture work and is it worth the soaring price?

each session is 80-90 dollars, by a chinese personality that has have 23 years experience, i have aching on my right side around the spleen/kidney area, i also enjoy depression because of infertility problems, neck and shoulder aching

I have read that acupuncture can backing some with infertility. It is also recommended for depression and nouns and shoulder pain.

I own some different problems of long standing, chronic migraine, fibromyalgia <everything hurts>, pain from two sports car accidents contained by my head, d¨Ścolletage and back and bowel problems. I started acupuncture finishing August and I am able to do more work, hold fewer days of a moment ago lying down and less anguish over all. The human being I go to is American but did study within China. You are lucky to have a party with that milieu.

If you don't have insurance, try to negotiate a lower price. I reason the initial visit be $90 for me and then $60, still expensive, but it have slowly helped me. It have been terrifically painful sometimes, but after the throbbing subsides I often find enrichment.

Do you know anyone who has gone to this practitioner? I go to the person I did because my gynecologist recommended him.

Good luck.
acupuncture is worth it I used it to get hold of rid of sinus headaches that not a soul else could get rid of formerly her i had be to chiropractors ENTs and alergists and she was the simply one who could help me also she get rid of my allergies
Its worked for me I have have knee problems that the doctor be saying i needed surgery. several years on I still haven't have the surgery, and live pain free though i wouldn't play hockey on my knees again. so give it a shot I'd utter
I've done acupuncture for a variety of ailments and I've other had suitable results! find an acupuncture school if you can...the cost is 3/4 of that price. but try it out and see what you reflect! Good luck.
it only works if u devise it does placibo
it does work for alot of diseases and problems.but not always, so nearby are certai views of nation about it.infertility and depression accupuncture is honourable,it helps surrounded by hormonal balance,so i'll read out you are in the right track instead of taking adjectives that medications.
my sister have severe migraine problems for years and we were worried cos she get bad attacks so frequently, we started taking accupuncture from a professional and even near the second visit,she found a rework.she lives a normal existence now short the severe attacks.
i advice you to stir to someone who knows accupuncture in good health, had apt experience,then the money is worth it.
As three of the previous four answers stated, Acupuncture works, and works powerfully. The fourth person said it be a placebo, and it is probably 5 to 10% belief in it that help it to work and the rest is its actual working on your body.
I have have it many times for several illnesses and pains, and found that it be more effective than conventional Western Medicine, and its affects be longer lasting.
I hold also seen it man used on other clients, including natural child birth for cramp control, in a caesarian operation for torment control, both without "Gas" or "Medicine".
Also, you said the doctor have 23 years experience, therefore I assume he is excellent. It is other best to find a very flawless acupuncturist as the treatment is therefore much better.
yes, it works, but it is better if you combine it near vitamins.
I have used acupuncture oodles times in my natural life with excellent results. It even save my life once when I be hemorraghing after a miscarriage and could not stop bleeding. If the price is too high, can you barter something? 2) Is near an acupuncture school or college of Chinese Medicine near you? Almost every conservatory I am aware of has an inexpensive clinic inwardly it staffed by students, but supervised by senior practitioners/teachers where you can catch very, really cheap treatment. This is true of New England School of Acupuncture in Watertown, MA, the academy my friend Kari attends in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN and the School of Traditional Chinese Medicine on Shattuck Street surrounded by Berkeley, CA. Call up the nearest school to yourself and see what you can find out. I know that as an herbalist, CMT and student homeopath, I would appreciate the trade of someone to cook for me or to support me with cleaning, errands, childcare. Make it certain what your gifts are and really put them out there! Someone, I am sure, will be sunny to trade w/ you or to reduce their price on a sliding size in exchange for work.
Used it for hypertension and it worked great, noticeably worth the price. A good side effect is that it sure feel good. During treatments its be the most relaxed I've been contained by years.

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